Irons in the Fire

These are the things that I am spending some cycles on to learn more about

Coming Soon!!

Looking forward to speaking on the topic of Blockchain Technologies on January 20th at the University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering.

Learning More About

Listing the high level areas of interest that I am trying to get more educated on. I expect these to be challenging and to have depth that be a good match for my restlessness


Distributed Ledger Technologies


Remote Monitoring

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

University of Louisville Blockchain Discussion

I feel humbled to receive an invite from my alma mater to lead a discussion on Blockchain Technologies. I think these technologies represent a paradigm shift that will generate significant demand for software engineers with experience in this area. Many industry leaders are projecting these technologies to facilitate large disruptionsRead More

First Post :)

After about 6 or 7 years it was time to update the personal site. I am going to try and post once a month or so starting in 2017 as time permits. Lots of fun and interesting things going on and I want to share.